Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Jewish learning

I have studied about Yiddishkeit (Jewish topics) for over 40 years. I read Hebrew, learned Talmud in a yeshiva, learn about the Parsha (Weekly Torah reading), have gone to two Jewish Deaf Congress conferences, am writing a book on interpreting in Jewish Settings I will call The work of our hands, am filming a Jewish sign Dictionary for Jewish Holidays and History in ASL, and working on video vignettes (3 to 4 minute signed discussions on Jewish topics) which will become a website called in the near future. Tell us about your interests in Jewish things. I used the term Yiddishkeit because it includes all the aspects of the Jewish experience, not just religion. You may related to Yiddishkeit through Judaism, Israeli dancing, politics, literature, language, or what have you. Tell us about yourself.

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